Scroll, to let
Decor flow.

Water, a natural wonder combines with the
wonders of architecture, style and functionality.

About Us

Water has requested
a new stylish way.

Waterways is a decorative plumbing boutique with the latest trends, brands and styles in faucets, vanities, hardware and bathroom fixtures. We give water the vessels and fixtures by which to flow through. We match style to water’s fluidity, simplicity and sleekness.



As purveyors and curators of the industry, we travel the globe and visit local artists to cultivate the finest, chicest collection. Browse our inspiration board for design ideas and trend alerts.



When you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom or home, a Waterways in-house designer will help you find the style and fixtures that feels just right.


When you have clients to wow and expectations to exceed, the brand new Waterways showroom will give you the inspiration, service and products to succeed.


When you have a deadline and timeline to meet, the Waterways team will help you put the finishing touches on your project in an efficient and affordable way.



It is your leading way to advanced fashion.

The latest trends, brands, concepts; they flow along this way…Your color, style, shape, and soon to be, is installed here. The decorative showroom features your very own ideas in reality.

We’ve gone places to bring you the best of your faucets, vanities, hardware, fixtures and whatever you envision. See the choice, select your style, enjoy your fashion home.

Let’s get formalities out of the way